Accion Venture Lab Eligibility

Are you a financial inclusion start-up? Accion Venture Lab focuses on for-profit enterprises with new products or business models that expand the range of high-quality financial services for people living in poverty. Companies need not have significant revenue traction but should be post-research and development, have a full-time entrepreneur or team in place, and, ideally, have a pilot or prototype in the market. We are focused on opportunities in India and East Africa but will invest globally if the team and idea are right.


We are particularly interested in:

  • Mobile phone–based financial services or business models built on mobile payment platforms;

  • Specialized credit assessment or delivery models (e.g., underwriting/credit scoring approaches, housing, education, small and medium enterprise finance, energy);

  • Online or social media platforms for enabling financial access (e.g., peer-to-peer, social media);

  • Pay-as-you-go, collaborative consumption, and other “embedded” financial service models (e.g., micro-leasing, rent-to-own, modular housing); and

  • New products (e.g., savings, remittances/payments, microinsurance and credit) for people living in poverty.

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