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Aire Logo

Aire Labs  gives people a new credit score to help them qualify for essential financial products. Formed by a collective of finance, technology, and commercial specialists, Aire is redefining how the market approaches credit scoring using only clean data and ethical means. By harnessing industry expertise, machine learning and an in-depth understanding of the issues facing many consumers, Aire has created a service that allows businesses to access a new, financially-capable population. Aire aims to put people at the heart of the solution in a transparent, responsible, and inclusive manner—abiding by its principle to go “beyond the data,” and understand the story of the applicant in every credit-scoring situation.

Apollo Logo text

Apollo Agriculture is a tech-enabled input financing solution for smallholder farmers in East Africa. Apollo uses remote sensing technology, data science, and mobile money to more efficiently and affordably finance the fertilizer and seeds that farmers need to increase crop yields. 

Artoo Logo

Artoo provides a holistic customer relationship management solution (CRM) to improve the onboarding and assessment process for borrowers at microfinance and other lending institutions in India. Field staff are equipped with internet enabled tablets and smartphones that integrate seamlessly with the lender’s existing technology allowing for rapid biometric verification and paperless processing in the field as well as rich analytics for the client. By combining the power of mobile, cloud, and alternative data, Artoo is enabling these lenders to reach more poor and underserved customers than ever before.

AYE Finance Logo

AYE Finance is an innovative lender to micro and small businesses in India. It serves the “missing-middle” of small-scale manufacturing and services business that cannot access loans for business expansion and working capital from mainstream institutions. AYE focuses on defined “industry clusters” (e.g. shoes, brassworks, garments) to acquire and vet customers efficiently and at scale, thus speeding access to finance for this sector that is the engine of employment and income growth.

Clip Logo

Clip combines a card reader plug-in for smartphones with an innovative back-end risk management platform to enable nearly any merchant in Mexico to accept credit cards. Clip can transform the economics of card acceptance for the millions of micro- and small enterprises across Latin America that currently rely entirely on cash.

coda payments logo


Coda is a mobile-first alternative payment channel aggregator in Southeast Asia. Coda helps digital content providers monetize users that don't have a traditional payment card. Coda's specialty is direct carrier billing, allowing customers of the largest MNOs in Southeast Asia--including Globe in the Philippines, Indosat in Indonesia, and SingTel in Singapore--to make purchases using their existing pre- or post-paid mobile accounts. Coda also operates Codashop, where customers across Southeast Asia can purchase Steam Wallet Codes using a range of alternative payment channels.

Community Investment Management Logo

Community Investments Management is an investment advisor providing debt financing for the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) segment of the US market. Though its investment funds, CIM finances SME marketplace loan originators and servicing agents and purchases loans it believes will achieve sound risk-adjusted returns for investors. CIM aims to address the massive gap between financing demand on the part of SMEs and financing supply from traditional commercial banks, by leveraging the tailwinds of the growing commercial marketplace lending space.

CreditMantri Logo

CreditMantri is an Indian financial advisory service that helps consumers that are underbanked, credit negative, or new to formal financial services learn about their credit scores and improve their financial health. The company uses an automated web platform and call center to help consumers easily access their credit reports, understand their credit scores, improve their creditworthiness, restructure outstanding debt, and get access to relevant products and services from lenders and financial institutions.

DemystData Logo


Demyst Data uses a proprietary technology platform to help financial institutions tap into the explosive growth of online, social and internal data to make better customer decisions. Using analysis of this “big data,” Demyst customers (including global banks, online lenders and card issuers) are better and more responsibly lending to “thin-file” and underbanked customers.

Destacame Logo

Destacame  is a digital platform that aims to empower users by giving them control over their data to build their financial capabilities and access better financial products in Chile and Mexico. Destacame solves the problem many individuals in Chile and throughout Latin America face who do not have any reported information or have only negative reported information by aggregating and analyzing data from multiple existing sources. Destacame’s core technology is an alternative credit scoring engine that examines an individual’s payment behavior to determine their creditworthiness based on alternative data, including utility/telco invoice payment behavior, coupled with traditional data sources such as credit bureau information. Destacame financial products range also include: credit lead generations, bill payment, an over-due debt management platform, graduating loans and a credit score consultation platform. 

eMoneyPool Logo

eMoneyPool is an online platform for traditional savings groups (practiced widely around the world and known by various names like Tanda, Susu, ROSCA, chit fund, etc). Savings groups allow friends and family to save and borrow small amounts of money together. eMoneyPool automates the entire process through an online marketplace model, reducing group administration costs and time, enabling groups to be spread over wide geographical areas, and encouraging participants to form pools with those outside their immediate network.


ESCALA works with businesses and universities to promote savings for higher education by providing automated savings plans to lower- and middle-income workers. Without ESCALA, these families would struggle to save enough to afford college. Once enrolled in an ESCALA savings plan, users make automatic contributions to an independent, secure, and interest-generating savings account from their paychecks. Employers then match up to 100% of the employee contributions; ESCALA also partners with colleges to offer discounted tuition and provides professional and education-related coaching services to support customers in the process as they access higher education programs.

 First Access Logo

First Access provides a customizable platform for microfinance institutions and other emerging market lenders to credit score anyone. First Access enables lenders to identify patterns among historical customers and profile first-time loan applicants, as well as incorporate records from other sources like mobile phones and credit bureaus. In markets where the majority of consumers do not have formal or substantial credit histories, flexible and customizable algorithms provide critical additional insight to financial institutions, leading to cost savings, higher acceptance rates, and faster decision-making.

First Circle Logo

First Circle enables business owners to access working capital facilities by employing a centralized account management and credit evaluation process that leverages alternative data sources, such as e-comerce and transaction history. The combination of First Circle's partnerships with e-commerce platfroms and other partners and its digital platform enables First Circle to acquire and underwrite its small business clients at scale. 

 Go Finance Logo

GO Finance is a Tanzanian-based alternative SME lender providing working-capital finance to small businesses in local product distribution value chains. The company leverages digital data and mobile money channels to more effectively underwrite and manage loans for the highly underserved SME market in East Africa.

Konfio Logo

Konfio is an online lending platform that uses innovative credit algorithms and alternative data analysis to help micro-businesses in Mexico who do not have access to credit obtain affordable working capital loans. Konfio's entirely digital platform allows for low cost customer acquisition and rapid credit assessment which enables the company to offer lower rates compared to traditional brick and mortar lenders.

Kopo Kopo Logo

Kopo Kopo, based in Nairobi, is the world’s first mobile money merchant acquisition platform, making it easier for small merchants to accept mobile money from customers to purchase goods and services. Kopo Kopo has operations across Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

  Lendstreet Logo

LendStreet is a marketplace lending platform that allows consumers to restructure and refinance their distressed debt. By partnering with banks, collection companies, debt settlement agencies and others, LendStreet acquires and onboards borrowers that are currently in default, offering them a new loan financed through a marketplace platform with accredited and institutional investors. LendStreet enables borrowers to get out of debt settlement programs earlier, thus avoiding interest and fees on their defaulted debts and harassing calls from collectors and creditors, and allowing them to rebuild their credit.

Lidya Logo

Lidya provides working capital financing for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. Lidya has created a mobile and online platform which allows SMEs to apply for financing, get assessed and receive capital for their businesses in 1 day or less. This product enables any SME to access much needed capital to invest in inventory and general working capital while building a credit score to unlock higher loan amounts and risk adjusted pricing. 

Lulalend Logo

Lulalend provides short-term loans to small businesses in South Africa, leveraging digital platforms and data analytics. Applicants apply online, link in financial statements and other transaction data, and are provided with a credit decision within minutes. Upon acceptance, loans are funded within 24 hours. Lulalend supplements credit bureau data with third-party data from partners to determine an applicant's creditworthiness. 

  MeraDoctor Logo

MeraDoctor provides a comprehensive health protection product to low-income Indians, combining 24/7 “doctor-on-call” helpline services with health insurance products to protect its customers from poverty-inducing health shocks.

NOW Money

NOW Money is the first FinTech in the Gulf region to use mobile banking technology to provide accounts, financial inclusion and a range of low-cost remittance options to low-income migrant workers. It aims to provide access to affordable financial services for everyone. 

  Quippi Logo

Quippi aims to replace high-priced traditional remittances to families in Mexico with PIN-based gift cards redeemable at local retailers (grocers, clothing stores, convenience stores, etc.). By charging the retailers a fee, Quippi radically shifts the remittance business model, making cross-border value transfers free for senders and recipients.

Revolution Credit Logo

RevolutionCredit is a unique platform which allows consumers to watch short and entertaining financial literacy videos to demonstrate and improve their financial capabilities – like a “Traffic School for Credit.” It allows financial institutions to identify more creditworthy customers, extending access to a wider range of financial services at better prices.

  Salud Facil Logo

Salud FÁCIL offers low-income customers access to affordable credit to cover their healthcare and medical costs and offers doctors and hospitals equipment financing solutions in Mexico, addressing the need for quality and affordable care in a market in which few customers have access to traditional health insurance.

Self Lender

Self Lender provides a loan solution to help consumers both build credit and save money. Customers take out loans, which are used to immediately purchase a Certificate of Deposit (CD) for the customer. The loan is paid off in monthly installments, helping customers build up their credit histories. At the end of the loan, customers receive the money they've saved from the CD, and are able to leverage their improved credit score to access other formal financial products. 


SmartMEI is a neo-bank mobile platform designed for micro-entrepreneurs, or "MEis", in Brazil. SmartMEi gives customers access to a large range of banking and financial product offerings that are designed to meet customers’ specific business management-related needs. This neo-bank solution is offered through a single digital point of access - a mobile phone - and offers simple all-digital processes with a stronger focus on user experience and more reliable customer service at a lower cost than established traditional banks and financial service providers. The platform gives access to a complete suite of banking and financial products including a bank account, basic tax filing, in-app payment solutions, a financial management platform, an invoice issuing and bank transfer solution, a debit card, cash advance financing , and an mPOS.

  Salud Facil Logo

SMECorner  is India's first online platform that allows micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in India to access a range of financing products from partner financial institutions. The company targets MSMEs who have not had access to lenders in the past and offers them a wide variety of lending products through its partner banks and NBFCs. The platform is a "one-stop shop," empowering potential borrowers to be aware of the diversity of options and most appropriate offers available, and matching them to the best lenders by filling out one simple application.

Street Shares Logo

Street Shares is an online Peer-to-Peer lending site that connects U.S. investors directly with small and medium sized business borrowers. It connects investors and borrowers from within the same communities (starting with veterans) through an innovative affinity-based marketing strategy and flexible online bidding platform.

  Tienda Pago Logo

Tienda Pago provides short term working capital (1-2 weeks) to small stores in Peru to finance inventory from distributors. The company helps solve the cash flow problem many MSME business owners face by offering them a line of credit and directly paying distributors of fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs). Tienda Pago has developed a closed loop payment mechanism which uses mobile phones and enables distribution companies to collect electronically, thereby reducing inefficiencies and cost. This solution enables store owners to grow their inventory, increase revenue, and build a credit history.

  Umati Capital Logo

Umati Capital provides an invoice discounting solution aimed at addressing working capital shortages for SMEs in Kenya. The Company partners with upstream value chain processors and buyers to quickly and efficiently provide up-front cash to producers that are typically unable to secure financing from banks and other providers.

Varthana Logo

Varthana provides specialized loans and other support to affordable private schools in India, promoting access to and quality of education for India’s poor and emerging middle class.

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