Dialogue on Business


Dialogue on Business (DOB) is an award-winning business skills training program developed for adult learners and based on the knowledge and experience of program participants. It uses interactive games and role-playing to help participants solve real-life business challenges. Because the workshops are based on the real situations of participants, rather than textbook cases, DOB is especially engaging for people with little formal education who may not learn effectively in a traditional classroom setting.

With DOB, our core team has developed a comprehensive program with more than 50 modules covering a multitude of business skills that include understanding cash management, strategies for budgeting, debt carrying capacity, savings options, and financial planning. We have delivered the program to non-profits, microfinance institutions, and financial institutions around the world. It is currently offered in nine Indian states and seven languages (English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, and Gujarati).

How it works:

DOB trains individual trainers, who, in turn, implement the program in their own institutions. To maintain a high quality of knowledge and skills during this process, DOB includes robust monitoring and evaluation tools. Our master trainers have extensive experience developing and delivering the program around the world in multiple languages.

Program Features:

  • Audience: Male and female entrepreneurs. Easily adaptable and customized to the micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) market
  • Duration: Adapted to entrepreneurs’ time and availability, usually three to six hours
  • Learning Methodology: Puzzles, games, and exercises for both literate and non-literate learners
  • Standardization: All facilitators are trained and certified by Accion
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, and Gujarati
  • Modules: 53 different skills-building topics
  • Assessment: Impact evaluation and regular monitoring


The Dialogue on Business program has many benefits, including the following:

  • Participants learn the importance of keeping records and tracking their income and expenditures.
  • Training sessions enable participants to realize their capacity to work from home in addition to the workplace.
  • Participants learn how to promote their businesses and attract more customers.
  • Women participants often feel more capable of achieving their potential through trying new activities and taking a more active role in all aspects of family life.


More Information:

Please download our information sheet, or contact us directly for more information on our training programs in India:

Dr. Usha Gopinath, Director, Client Education, ugopinath@accion.org

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