Anidebe Johnson, electronics salesman

Client of Accion Microfinance Bank in Lagos, Nigeria

A craft often passed down through lengthy apprenticeship, electronic repair and resell can be a difficult business to learn. However, Anidebe Johnson was lucky enough to have had a talented mentor who taught him well, and for the last 33 years Anidebe has continued to perfect his skill and grow his own business in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria.

In 2007, with the help of a small loan of 100,000 Naira (U.S. $600) from Accion partner Accion Microfinance Bank, Anidebe was able to increase his profits by purchasing parts in bulk and diversifying his inventory — he now sells everything from second-hand office chairs to automatic chocolate fountains to TV stands, which are consistent best sellers.

Since his first loan, increased profits have allowed him to expand and open three warehouses and hire three employees. But, to the well-respected community man affectionately known as “Papa,” it’s no surprise that he is most proud of his ability to send all six of his children to school, an opportunity that he did not have growing up. It is that pride of a father providing for his children that shines through in Anidebe’s charming smile, a smile made brighter with one small loan.