Apoyo Integral

Apoyo Integral is dedicated to providing accessible financial products and services that facilitate the socio-economic inclusion of people who lack access to the benefits of the country's growing economy.


In 1999, Fundación Salvadoreña de Apoyo Integral (FUSAI), contracted Accion to evaluate its microloan portfolio using the Accion CAMEL™, a comprehensive financial diagnostic tool designed especially for microfinance institutions. Using the results of the CAMEL™ evaluation, Accion worked with FUSAI to transform the foundation's microlending arm into a private, commercial institution. Apoyo Integral has since taken over FUSAI's microloan portfolio. In 2004, Apoyo Integral launched its first remittances program, available to residents of Washington.

Accion has been working with Apoyo Integral to strengthen its institutional capacity by implementing short-term technical assistance projects in the areas of credit methodology monitoring and improved operational processes. These efforts have resulted in improved portfolio quality, better customer service and increased profits for the institution.


Apoyo Integral

Calle Nueva, No.1, Casa #3733, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador
Tel:+503 2-254-2611, 2-298-2040
Fax:+503 2-224-3310

Website: http://www.integral.com.sv/