Financiera Credinka

Financiera Credinka opened its doors in 1994 in response to the need for affordable, responsible financial products and services for residents of rural Peru. It has since grown into a far-reaching, successful institution that offers loans to micro and small businesses throughout the rural Andean communities of Peru. With headquarters in Cusco, Financiera Credinka currently operates in 10 regions across the country, and focuses on areas that do not have convenient access to financial services.

Key Indicators as of December 2015
Active Borrowers: 60,439
Average Loan: $3,213
Active Savers: 51,679
Active Portfolio: $194,160,000
Saving Balance: $157,545,000

Peru’s urban centers currently enjoy a high degree of microfinance services, but this is not the case in the countries’ rural areas, where entrepreneurs often struggle to access capital. With this in mind, Accion invested in Financiera Credinka in order to help reach more rural clients and enter new markets. In 2014, Accion purchased a 10 percent stake in Financiera Credinka from majority stakeholder Diviso Grupo Financiero.

Financiera Credinka has enjoyed steady growth over the years, and it is currently the second largest rural savings and loan company in Peru. We are working with Financiera Credinka to help expand its reach and scope so that it can serve even more microentrepreneurs across the country.


Financiera Credinka
Circunvalacion Nte 5, Cusco, Peru