Génesis Empresarial

Génesis' mission is to provide efficient and timely financial and non-financial services, accompanied by training, to the microenterprise, small business and rural communities, to achieve their sustained development in a massive manner, accelerating the progress of Guatemala.


Génesis Empresarial was founded in May 1988 by Fundación Tecnológica (FUNTEC) to provide loans to microenterprises and small businesses. Génesis Empresarial began lending in 1993 to rural communities to support electrification and water sanitation projects. In 1997, Génesis Empresarial became an independent foundation from FUNTEC in order to expand services. In 1998,  Génesis Empresarial launched a credit program for women living in rural areas (known today as Village Banking). That same year Génesis Empresarial started to offer rural credit for housing, especially home improvement and new housing.

One of Accion’s early projects with Génesis was to improve its credit methodology model. Later, an Accion technical assistance team optimized Génesis’ credit methodology through reengineering both the business processes and the credit products available to Génesis clients.

Approximately 80 percent of Génesis' clients are women. They are typically market vendors, artisans, seamstresses, carpenters, shoemakers or bakers. Clients range from participants in rural, communal banks for women, with loans starting as low as U.S. $63.


Génesis Empresarial
13 Calle 5-51, Zona 9, Guatemala, Guatemala
Tel:+502 2383-9000 
Fax:+502 2334-4474 

Website: www.genesisempresarial.org